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About Pursue

There is a radical movement that has been birthed out of Portland Oregon of youth and adults alike Pursuing God! Using the Pursue Journal, they are daily spending time in the Bible and prayer seeing their lives dramatically changed. The Pursue Journal is used by Generation Unleashed, the youth ministry to 12-24 year olds at City Bible Church along with tens of thousands of people throughout the world.

The PURSUE Journal is designed to be a tool to help you PURSUE God in your daily devotions. There is mobile app and website version that is linked together for easy of use anywhere and also a hard copy version available. It is meant to become you and your Bibles best friend. It gives you a 6 step approach to your daily devotions: Read the Passage, Underline verses that stand out to you, write a Response to what you read, Stand in prayer, make Unshakable declarations over your life and set Eternal goals for today.

As you consistently use your PURSUE Journal you will find there's a consistent pattern, guide and accountability that will help you develop a deeper relationship with Jesus as you PURSUE Him daily. So join the movement of people that Pursue God daily and be sure to follow on PursueGod on facebook, google+ and twitter.

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